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 Treo 750, 750v unlocking guide
Solution Treo 750v Remote unlocking instructions
nextgenserver.com remote unlocking.

Treo 750 Unlocking
Please shut down any Antivirus SW on your PC (it must be shut down not disabled, see your AV suppliers documentation on instructions how to do this) while using the Nextgen Server, This is very important !!

Make sure your Treo 750 is fully charged before starting unlock!!!
To unlock these phones you will need Microsoft Active installed on your PC, Microsoft Active Sync can be downloaded from the Microsoft website here:

Before you start.

   1. Make sure you have the latest server client (at least 1.08h)
   2. Make sure you have Microsoft Active Sync Installed & Running.

Unlocking The Treo 750.

    * Run Client
    * Enter your User name & Password under “username & password” tab
    * Click on “server settings” make sure “main server” is selected
    * in “phone settings” select “treo-750” from drop down list.
    * Make sure the 750 is switched on (including the phone part of the PDA)
    * Now Click on “Unlock Treo750”
    * The client will now unlock your Treo750

All Treo 750 SBL versions supported.

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