Feb 12

Unlocking the treo750v with the online unlocking tool from nextgenserver (www.nextgenserver.com) couldn’t be easier.

Most if not all mobile operators, hen they sell phones to the end user, supply the phones with a SIM lock active on the phone, this means that the phone can only be used with a SIM card from the network that provided the phone, this is to prevent you from simply buying your phone (maybe even at a heavily subsidised price) and then using it on another network (simply by inserting a new sim card) The treo750v is no differant with most supplying networks shipping them to dealers with the SIM lock active

Nextgen server now offers a treo 750 remote unlock service, simply buy a credit (http:www.nextgenserver.com) as soon as you have finished paying with paypal, you will be returned to the site, where you can download the server client (the software that you will use to unlock the treo750v) and receive your username and password, that will let you unlock 1 treo750v with the Nextgen unlock Server.

Once the software is downloaded and installed (a simple process) open up the excellent treo750v unlocking guide. Here in detailed pictures it explains how to connect your tro750v to your PC for SIM unlocking. Then simply fire up the NEXTGEN Server client software, enter your username and password.

Next is to click on unlock, the Nextgen remote unlock server will now remove the sim locks from your treo760v. It’s a fast and simple process.

Now simply put a differant SIM card into your Treo750v to check it’s new SIM FREE Status.

More details can be found on the nextgen website here:- http://www.nextgenserver.com 

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