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Huawei 3g Dongle Unlock Code

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NEW !! Huawei 3g Dongle Unlock By Code FROM IMEI
Brand new service the easiest way to remove the network lock on your Huawei dongle so you can use a differant network SIM card, no software to use or technical knowledge. Instant Delivery of your Code !!

Unlock Via Code: more info HUAWEI modem unlock codes


New Service: Huawei 3g Broadband Modem INSTANT unlock via code From IMEI


We have the fastest service to provide the Unique network unlock code for all Huawei 3g Mobile Broadband Modems. (so fast we deliver your code in under 2 minutes 24/7)
You do not need any technical skill, or software, the unique code is delivered via email.

Q. Unlock Huawei 3g Mobile Broadband Modem USB Dongle & 3g Data cards
A. This service removes the network locks on Huawei data cards by providing the network unlock code for the device,

What Mobile Broadband 3g USB Modem Dongles & 3G Data Cards are supported ?
Nextgen Server currently unlocks Mobile Broadband Modem Dongles manufactured by Huawei, Huawei supplies just about all networks with 3g data cards, including O2. three, T-mobile and Vodafone (as well as many others worldwide)

The following Huawei Models are supported:-

  • Huawei:
  • E156 Modem unlock code
  • E156G Modem unlock code
  • E160 Modem unlock code
  • E160G Modem unlock code
  • E169G Modem unlock code
  • E170 Modem unlock code
  • E172 Modem unlock code
  • E176 Modem unlock code
  • E180 Modem unlock code
  • E182E Modem unlock code
  • E196 Modem unlock code
  • E270 Modem unlock code
  • E271 Modem unlock code
  • E272 Modem unlock code
  • E510 Modem unlock code
  • E612 Modem unlock code
  • E618 Modem unlock code
  • E620 Modem unlock code
  • E630 Modem unlock code
  • E630+ Modem unlock code
  • E660 Modem unlock code
  • E660A Modem unlock code
  • E800 Modem unlock code
  • E870 Modem unlock code
  • E880 Modem unlock code
  • EG162 Modem unlock code
  • EG162G Modem unlock code
  • EG602 Modem unlock code
  • EG602G Modem unlock code


  • Vodafone:
  • K2540 Modem unlock code
  • K3515 Modem unlock code
  • K3520 Modem unlock code
  • K3565 Modem unlock code
  • K3715 Modem unlock code

Fast and Easy way to unlock your Huawei card

  • Codes returned in under 2 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week (no waiting for code)
  • No Technical Knowledge or Skill required
  • Code delivery by Email and SMS
  • Full instructions on inputting code provided
  • 100% accuraccy on codes (codes supplied directly by manufactures)
  • Supports all networks worldwide including Three, Vodafone, T-mobile, O2, Virgin etc.
  • Unlock Huawei 3g USB/PCMIA Data cards


Huawei Modem Code Tool Software

Our Huawei Modem Code tool makes it easy to enter the unlock code into your Huawei Modem (download from our support section) Download Huawei Modem Unlock Code Tool

Huawei Unlock Code Tool From Nextgen Servers Ltd

Please this unlock is via code, it does not involve any flashing or patching of the data cards firmware/software, this makes our system very safe, unlike some other systems.

More information about ordering and unlocking.
If you need help with ordering, please read our frequently-asked questions, or feel free to contact us.
Huawei 3g Mbile Broadband Dongle Unlock Via Code
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regular price:

$ 30.00
£ 15.00
view details

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